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“Gargoma” LLC
Cell Phone (Russia) +79524366416
Gargoma LLC was established in July 2021 with purpose of providing oil waste treatment
service including design and manufacture Thermal Desorption Units.
Gargoma LLC is a brand-new company, founded by CEO, Vladimir Gargoma, consisting of
accomplished global experts in the application of thermal desorption technologies to recover
valuable oils from a variety of waste streams.
Since 2014, Vladimir has been integrally involved in the development and advancement of
Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) technologies as a partner/owner of a series of new technology
development companies in Norway and Russia. His innovations include various scale versions
of the Induction Thermal Desorption Unit and a specialized compact Thermal Desorption Unit.
Recognizing that major oil waste clients can realize significant time and cost-saving benefits by
working closely with a trusted, credible partner, Vladimir has assembled a strong leadership
team with broad expertise to assist with evaluating viable technologies and recommending best
solutions, even for the most challenging waste treatment problems.
Gargoma LLC offers contract technical field specialists who have, on average, 15-20 years of
hands-on experience. They can install and commission plants, supervise and operate most
common types of thermal desorption equipment, and perform scheduled maintenance and
repairs. We can provide effective oversight of your waste treatment operations with our
experienced project managers. Our design engineers are adept at plant design and layout, and
development of modifications and testing. We can help clients optimize site configuration, and
improve the performance of their existing operational facilities. We also perform comprehensive
audit services on existing operational facilities.
Our global experience includes all types of thermal desorption methods used to separate oils
from drilling cuttings, contaminated soils, and metal wastes. By understanding and assessing
your specific application, our team can confidently recommend the most efficient and costeffective solution, and provide the support services you require to efficiently progress your
project to completion.
We have the flexibility to work with you directly, or with your preferred service providers.
Gargoma LLC offer our own proprietary, highly cost-competitive MOBILE TREATMENT UNIT
MTU-1.0 which can be custom-built to suit at your location. The main advantage of mobile
treatment plant MTU-1.0 is the ability to treat various waste such as: Crude Oil Sludge, Drill
Cuttings, Spent Drilling Mud and Oil Contaminated Soil.

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