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Inspection of individual components of the TDU equipment and a whole complex; inspection of material feed system, process module, condensation system, discharge system, sample collection, laboratory analysis and automation; evaluation of quality level of a customer’s TDU operators. Based on the results of the inspection, a report on the identified shortcomings and recommendations is provided. The audit takes at least 3 (three) working days.

Development of the customer’s TDU modernization project based on the audit results, applying verified technical solutions.
For example, the hydrocarbon phase from a separator has a high level of particles. It means recovered oil is very dirty. A project of a new scrubber and gas line cleaning system is designed for the customer. A condensation system with a low efficiency ratio can be replaced by proven modern condensation systems. Problems with the material discharge system are solved by an application of safe engineering solutions.

Our team will help you to find specialists for operating TDU. Our operators have over 5 years of experience and experts have 20 years of experience.

Our technical expert, based on the customer’s needs, analyses the market and recommends for purchase certain models and configurations of TDU produced any parts of the world. Our expert with competence in Technical English language participates in negotiations with TDU sellers and assists in determining the technical capabilities of the TDU claimed by the seller. Consequently, a buyer identifies the features (weaknesses and strengths) of a particular TDU prior to purchase.

Preparation of documents such as: unit control logic, P&ID, wiring diagrams, layout diagrams, technical descriptions, etc.

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