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Design of the mobile or stationary TDU treatment plant of any complexity, depending on customer requirements, for oil waste landfills; development of a 3D model with the necessary equipment for the treatment plant (hangar, tanks, centrifuges, generator, operator’s workplace, etc.).

Our specialists have accumulated a wealth of experience and they are ready to advise the best sensors for solid phase, hot oil and separator. We also make recommendations on selection of motors and pumps, saving customers time and money during downtime for repairs and replacements of the equipment.

Our team will help you to find specialists for operating TDU. Our operators have over 5 years of experience and experts have 20 years of experience.

Our specialists provide consulting and technical support in the development of individual components of the TDU to customers engaged in the independent development of the TDU. We are open to cooperation in improving of Thermal Desorption Units.

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