Vladimir Gargoma
CEO / TDU Expert

Cell Phone (Russia) +79524366416
E-mail:   v@gargoma.com
Web:      www.gargoma.com  

TDU Expert, 21 years of international experience in dealing with different type Thermal Desorption Units such as TPS (Screw Feeder Thermal Phase Separator), TCC (Hammer Mill/Thermo-Mechanical Cuttings Cleaner) , SRU (Soil Recovery Unit), ITDU (Induction Thermal Desorption Unit) and TDU (Thermal Desorption Unit). Operations and Supervision onshore and offshore TDU projects , acquired through multiple international ventures in Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Participated in the development and testing of innovative Thermal Desorption projects such as (Pilot Induction Thermal Desorption  Unit, Induction Thermal Desorption  Unit and Thermal Desorption Unit –Mini).

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